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Yushung Metal Products Co.,Ltd

Yushung has become the global leading manufacturer of copper based alloy fasteners and machining parts since 1995.

Yushung manufactures products for various industries in marine,architecture,electrical powerware ,plumbing and engineering applications.

One-stop Shopping for the Convenience of Clients

Yushung does not limit it's manufacturing capability by only featuring copper based alloy fasteners. It also develops and manufactures copper-nickel-alloy and nickel-base-alloy fasteners, and tries everything to satisfy clients with any demands. To make purchase more convenient, faster and more secure, Yushung Metal established one-stop shopping of copper-base- and nickel-base-alloy fasteners so that clients can rest assured while they shop. Yushung has succeeded in simplifying customers' purchase by what other can't or won't do.

Featuring High-end Copper-base-alloy Fasteners, a Full Product Range and Large-scale Production

Since the establishment, Yushung Metal has been setting out for the production of high-end copper-base-alloy fasteners and satisfying customersí» demands. Its current plant covers an area of around 3,000 square meters, offering the most types of copper-base-alloy fasteners and the fullest range of specifications you could ever find in China and even the world. The average monthly capacity is about 50 tons. There are about 200 sets of equipment including screw and bolt heading machines, slotting machines, threading machines, thread cutting machines for wood screws, nut cold forming machines, thread tapping machines, lathes, CNC Lathes, stamping machines and inspection equipment.

Internationally-recognized Quality & Multiple Quality Check Procedures

Yushung Metal was certified ISO 9001-2015 for its quality control.í░Our belief is to use the best materials to make the best products.í▒ Yushung Metal provides best-in-class quality products. It is meticulous to choose the perfect materials at the beginning of manufacture, and performs batch inspection on incoming materials to ensure the quality of materials meets its criteria. Before mass production, trial production is conducted. Yushung also try its best to improve product yield. The post-production process is also under inspection to make sure the products meet highest quality standard.

Copper Based Alloy Fasteners
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