Chairman¡¯s Address

Dear friends,

Welcome to visit Yushung Metal Products Co.,Ltd website, Thank you very much for your attention. Creating value is company¡¯s mission. However, value does not only refer to creating business value, but also includes innovation design, employee¡¯s value and social value. The definition of value shall not simply be limited to wealth accumulation. Instead, morality and conscientiousness of making money are more important. We believe that a true excellent enterprise shall become concentrated reflection of social responsibility, self-value and mutual benefit. Therefore, at the beginning of new journey, Yushung Metal Products sets a lofty goal and vision--honesty and trustworthiness, creating value, and be respected. Human oriented is company¡¯s important concept and cornerstone of development. Those who acknowledge corporate culture, those who have a sense of responsibility and cooperation, those who are good at learning, and those who dare to innovate are fortunes of the company and the soul of business. Yushung Metal Products is devoting itself to forming a team of solidarity and profession to create together and share together. The road to development is endless. Long, long had been my road and far, far was the journey; I would go up and down to seek my heart¡¯s desire. Yushung Metal Products sincerely invite those with breadth of vision to develop together, grow together and build a bright future together.